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How to Book IPL Tickets on BMS? 

Booking IPL tickets is quite simple. Waiting in a queue to purchase is an old trend, only few a  clicks, you can simply purchase or book your favourite team tickets from anywhere and at any time, online ahead of time. Here are few steps on how to book IPl tickets on bookmyshow cricket tickets booking.

Steps to book an IPL Tickets on

Step 1: You have to login to

Step 2: Select your City.

Step 3: Click on Sports, in that you need to select Cricket.

Step 4: You need to find the match you want to watch in the particular city.

Step 5: Click on Tickets.

Step 6: Select the date on which you want to watch your favourite match.

Step 7: Select the Place, where match has been scheduled.

Step 8: After that, you have to fill your details in the form and click on accept.

Step 9: Select the number of seats.

Step 10: Select your seats, Seats are divided and labelled according to the prices and rows.

Step 11: Choose your Stand in the Stadium, there are so many stands and you need to select which stand you want. (for ex: A Stand, B Stand and some other Franchise stands)

Step 12: Click on the row and the Seats you want to book.

Step 13: Finally, click on Pay (Price will be mentioned and vary according to your stands).

Step 14: If you have selected the F&B service, then book your food Combo.

Step 15: Once you get the booking summary [select your ticket type] click on proceed.

Step 16: Share your contact details and E-mail Id.

Step 17: Choose the payment option convenient to you (Net banking, credit/debit card, quick pay, UPI).

Step 18: Click to make payment.

When your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. You will even receive a text message if the website is linked to your phone.

You can take a screenshot of the match ticket or save it as a PDF on your smart phone because you need to show the barcode to the ticket checker before you enter the stadium.

Hope the above information is useful and you can book your IPL ticket in a short of a while.


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