How to Make Pizza at Home Without Oven?

Pizza making is synonymous to the oven because of the origin of its recipe. Cakes were never imagined to be made without ovens, but with various experiments, it was learned that cakes could be made in a pressure cooker. Same goes with pizza. A lot of people who love eating pizza at home try making them without using the oven. So, how exactly do they manage it?

Here is how to make pizza at home without oven.

Making or Sourcing of Dough

If you are looking to use a pan to make your pizza, it is best to go for the ready-made dough. The market is full of pizza base variants from whole wheat to refined flour to even certain gluten-free varieties. Making a pizza at home with the use of ready-made base could be one of the easiest choices and also the quickest. Ready-made pizza bases cook really fast on a pan and hence you do not have to wait as long as a pizza to come out of an oven. If you like to make your own dough, it is best to go for using a heavy bottomed non-stick kettle. This will also require the usage of sand; hence you need to source it in advance. Since home-made dough requires a good amount of time to bake, you cannot make such pizza on a pan.

Using Kettle

A deep bottomed non-stick kettle can act as an oven when you are looking to make pizza without an oven. It also requires minimal investment as compared to an oven. Since kettle can be used for multiple purposes, you can choose to buy one and use it for baking pizza. While baking pizza in a kettle, you need to ensure that the bottom is filled with sand and a rack is placed on top of the sand. The kettle also has to be pre-heated in order for heat to permeate into the pizza from all sides. This will allow the pizza to bake well as compared to direct baking.

Assembling and Baking

While the kettle is pre-heated, you can use this time to assemble your pizza. You can spread out the pizza dough to the desired size and start topping it up with your favourite vegetables and sauces. The thicker your base, the more the amount of time you need to allow for it to bake properly. The time you allow your pizza to bake is very critical since an undercooked pizza will not taste great. Also, since you will be using a kettle, it is important to keep checking the top of pizza intermittently in order to avoid burning.

Once you follow these procedures, all you need to do is cut it up and serve. Homemade pizza not always requires the usage of an oven. A lot of it depends on the taste and hence you can opt to make pizza with the use of alternative methods like pan or kettle and enjoy some delicious pizza.


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